Why home staging – part 1

In order to close a real estate deal as soon as possible, it is necessary to correctly approach the process of pre-sale preparation of residential premises.

Home staging is an opportunity to increase the liquidity of an object with a minimum investment of funds. The main purpose of pre-sale preparation is to create the most attractive appearance of an apartment or house.

What is home staging

Let’s clarify that pre-sale staging has nothing to do with decor. Decor is the personal style of the owner of a particular real estate object. Interior details create cosiness and, at the same time, overly individualize the object. In such an environment, it is difficult for buyers to imagine themselves as the future owners of this apartment.

Many people mistakenly believe that staging is important only when selling real estate objects on the secondary market. In fact, owners of empty residential premises are often faced with the inability to quickly sell an object for sale.

In residential premises that have recently been commissioned, in most cases there is no home decor. On the one hand, the effect of “bare walls” can play into the hands of the owner of this property, because not all buyers are eager to buy a fully furnished apartment. But this situation has another side: the target audience in this case is very limited.

What are the first things buyers pay attention to when scrolling through the advertisements for the sale of real estate? The quality of the photos. Grey walls and a complete lack of life will alienate a large number of potential customers.

Furniture staging in this case does not imply the purchase of new furniture sets. The owner of an empty object also does not need to start a full-scale renovation.

Today, a large number of agencies offer rental services of individual furnished projects. That is, the sellers can rent any set of furniture they like without significant harm to their material condition.

After carrying out minor cosmetic repairs and furnishing of the object for sale, one can proceed to the procedure of photographing.

Basic principles of home staging

The first thing a potential buyer of real estate pays attention to is the appearance of the premises being sold. And now we are talking not only about the stylistic design of the living area.

The correct interior design is just a small part of the work that needs to be done by the salesperson.

Today the real estate market is full of attractive offers. And in this case, the main task is to increase the competitiveness of the object. In other words, the apartment or house should look as attractive as possible in the photographs.

High-quality visual content increases the number of advertisement’s views, and accordingly brings the owner of the real estate object closer to concluding the desired deal.


Pre-sale preparation of residential premises is based on the following principles:


  1. Cleanliness. The object should be brought into proper condition. This means that the presence of dust, dirt and odours is unacceptable. In other words, the room should be maximally free from traces of people and animals being in it.
  2. Depersonalization. An apartment or house that has been put up for sale should have the appearance of an exhibition stand. For this, the personal belongings of the residents should be removed. No photographs, toothbrushes or scattered toys – all this distracts the buyer from the real merits of the object.
  3. Comfort. It is necessary to understand that everyone has different tastes. What the homeowner likes can alienate a prospective buyer. Therefore, when carrying out pre-sale preparation, you need to get rid of unnecessary decorative elements and stylistic accessories.

There is no need to emphasize that people live in the apartment. First of all, the buyer needs to be given the opportunity to immediately assess the strengths and weaknesses of the premises.

It is also important to understand that most of the buyers pay attention to the layout of the apartment and its total area. Old furniture, a pile of personal belongings on the shelves and a huge number of unnecessary decorative elements make it impossible to see a promising space.

Home staging is certainly an effective sales tool. However, this way of influencing the opinion of the buyer requires a lot of effort and time. After all, it is impossible to satisfy the interests and tastes of everyone.

You can prepare an apartment for sale in a virtual home staging format. With the help of modern digital technologies, it is possible to completely change the atmosphere in the apartment in a few days, without making any physical effort. In the catalogue of our company you will find a large number of ready-made interior solutions that can be applied when selling your apartment or house.

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