Which rooms are worth Virtual Staging and which are not?

Do you have a house for sale and you do not know which rooms are worth to be virtually furniture staged and which are not? Let’s think together.
The first impression of the apartment has a huge impact on the buyer. Each property has rooms that are strategically important and which should be virtually staged for sure.
The first of these rooms, which is the centre of the apartment, is the living room.

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Empty rooms do not allow the buyer to imagine themselves in the house, to feel the atmosphere of warmth and comfort. With the help of virtual home staging you can turn empty walls into a nice living area; put modern furniture of any colour, light a fireplace, put a TV, some beautiful scenery, etc.
1.Master bedroom is one of the main rooms in the house. (read also how  to stage virtually a bedroom to sell). The buyer should feel the absolute comfort of this room. With the help of virtual staging you can show what exactly can be placed in the room, put there a wonderful bedroom set that will attract the buyer.
2.The next very important unit in the house is the kitchen, which should be Virtually staged for sure. Life in the house begins with the kitchen. You will make the kitchen “alive” if you Digital stage it with home appliances, decorations, breakfast/dining table, barstools, etc. Feel the difference BEFORE Virtual furniture staging and AFTER Digital Virtual furniture staging.

before_virstaging emptybefore_virtual_staging
3.An important part of the house is the patio area. 3d home staging can show how cosy, functional and impressive the patio area can be.
4.Bathroom. You might think that this part of the house doesn’t matter much, but judge for yourself by looking at the impression of a photo without virtual staging and a photo with digital staging.
5.Office. Many people spend a lot of time at home working, especially during COVID. Would the buyer want his/her workplace to be excellent and have a favourable atmosphere for work? Yes, exactly! Show the buyer what his/her office can look like so that it will be comfortable to work in.
Virstaging can turn any room into a cosy and attractive place to the buyer. Write to us!

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