How to virtually stage a small condo to sale

More and more multi-story buildings are being built nowadays in big cities. As a result, the number of condos is growing, which requires a lot of effort to properly market the apartment and sell it quickly and at a good profit.

The main feature of condo is having a small space. This is the downside to it. Therefore, for this case virtual staging will be an invaluable aid for you more than ever before. It is the digital staging that allows you to turn the downsides of the room to your advantage, to show it in a better light, help a buyer to picture himself in the room, add maximum comfort and warmth to the apartment and as a result get a lot of people wanting to buy your home.

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digital staging condovirtual staging condo


  1. Remove EVERYTHING. This is a very important part of the 3d staging. Condo is tiny and every unnecessary thing in its space will do no good. Virtual decluttering will help you to get rid of all unnecessary stuff.
  2. Choice of virtual furniture and its arrangement. Estimate the area and develop the concept of staging itself. How exactly you will market the space. Choose compact furniture. If you have 1 bedroom and open space with a kitchen in it, think how to arrange furniture to fit the living area and the dining table and the space does not look cluttered. You can attach the dining table to the end of the kitchen island or to the wall so it will occupy less space. Hand TV on the wall and it will spare you space for a cabinet with the TV above it.
  3. Light is one of the most important things to consider when virtually staging a condo as it adds size to the space. Do not cover windows with unnecessary things like drapes. You may stage blinds but do not show them rolled down on the picture, the window should be fully open. Add maximum light to the picture from both natural and artificial sources in the form of lamps.
  4. There is no doubt that virtual 3d furniture should definitely be of light colours. This will visually enlarge the room. You may complement the white colour with colourful accents in the form of pillows, vases and other but do not overdo it.
  5. Digitally stage green plants as they always add life to the room. Add some decorations in the kitchen, pictures on the wall. But remember that in general there should not be a lot of decorations. The fewer things the larger seems the space.
  6. If the room has extra corners that can have additional functionality make sure to use it. For example, virtually stage a working desk there. virtual home staging condovirtual furniture staging condo

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