Virtual home staging – a new reality

New technologies are developing rapidly. They did not miss the field of real estate sales as well. For example, home staging for the sale of houses and premises via the Internet today can be done using 3d virtual staging technology. You will learn what it is and how to use it in our blog.

Virtual home staging is a type of home staging created by designers, stylists and 3D visualizers with the help of modern programs. At the same time photo materials look very realistic and attractive!

Virtual staging development

Decades ago, 360 virtual staging was mostly of poor quality with pixel images. Now, photos of the premises processed in the programs look as great as professional television advertising. Ten years ago, these tours did not involve customers in the process of buying housing, but now they are rapidly covering the real estate industry.

In 2019, it seemed unlikely that for 12 months, the real estate buyers would prefer a virtual experience to actual house visits.

Why Virtual home staging is becoming more and more popular in today’s world

1. The COVID-19 pandemic is an important but not the main factor in the growth of demand for 360 virtual staging before buying a house. Due to the forced restriction of contacts, most views of real estate objects for sale are remote.
2. The virtual world has become an important part of the marketing of any goods and services.
At the same time, large investors are looking for and buying real estate mainly using their computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.
3. Another driving force promoting the trend is the maturation of the Millennials and the Generation of Zeros. These generations have grown and become mature. The Millennials, and even more so Z’ers, are used to having virtual opportunities for everything from shopping to banking and dating. Modern buyers are waiting for virtual options for everything, and buying housing is not an exception. Today, many house sellers search for buyers online and even sign deals without arranging a prior physical inspection of the property.
4. Technologies and 3d home staging itself have become much better.
Realtors use the latest technological trends on various platforms. After all, real estate agents want to offer the best ways to provide services to their clients.

Advantages of Virtual home staging:

1. Saving realtor’s money.
2. Saving your time and time of your customers.
3. Real estate object exhibited in virtual home staging does not attract robbers. After all, in empty staged buildings there are neither expensive interior items, nor appliances or furniture.
4. Best virtual staging increases the attractiveness of objects for potential buyers.
5. Increase in the competitiveness of your real estate on the market.
6. The speed of sale of buildings is increased – accordingly, the profits of the real estate agency increase.

Now you do not have to spend much time and money on physical staging. With the help of digital staging, you will receive pre-sale preparation of real estate on average 3/4 cheaper than you would spend on the physical staging of the house. Now you do not need to rent expensive interior items, hire loaders to bring them into the house and place them correctly.

Virtual staging helps to make the process of selling objects much faster. This method of property preparation saves your money and time. Staging makes the property much more interesting and worthy of buyers’ attention.

3d home staging for sale is no longer a future in real estate marketing but a requirement of time. The new reality of real estate marketing is virtual reality. The growing popularity of 360 virtual staging has reached a point where virtual offerings have outperformed physical offerings in the sphere of residential and commercial real estate.

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Where to order a virtual real estate staging in the USA, Canada and Europe?
If you haven’t used modern technology for promoting yet, it’s time to give it a try. Before ordering this service, you should decide: which home staging agency to choose for cooperation? Choose among professionals! Contact Our specialists will offer modern design solutions for successful marketing of your real estate. Professional stylists and designers will make 360⁰ virtual staging for your buildings. You can get acquainted with the catalogue of staged photos of premises here: If you want to show your potential buyers objects from all sides as realistically and attractively as possible – contact us:

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