What is commercial virtual staging and why order it?

The audience of buyers of commercial real estate is quite wide. The same premises can be suitable for a restaurant, a shop or an office. Its traditional preparation for sale is focused only on a certain range of customers and does not take into account the interests of others. The modern commercial space with virtual staging service will help to show the advantages of the premises for different purposes. This will significantly increase the number of interested people and the chances of selling.

What is virtual staging for real estate?

Preparing premises for sale requires a lot of effort to make it attractive. Such work requires money investment in furniture and time for repairs. And even after that, such real estate gets a narrow range of potential buyers. It is very difficult, having equipped it for the office, to interest the owners of the restaurant. Virtual staging solutions for commercial real estate offer the solution to this – the arrangement of the premises in a virtual way.

By contacting virtual stylists, you get a design of the premises that is suitable for different purposes. With the help of computer tools, the same object can be styled with different furniture and decor. It helps:

– to show all the benefits of the premises;

– to offer your object to different categories of buyers;

– to demonstrate to your customers different design options for the future premises.

Using 3d virtual staging you can offer high-quality attractive photos that will certainly set you apart from the competition. Premises with such pictures are better remembered by customers. This will significantly reduce time and increase the possibility of profitable sales.

Why will the virtual staging service be useful to realtors?

Real estate with attractive presentations is sold more expensively. Customers pay much more attention to quality pictures than to ordinary two-dimensional photos. Looking at the object of sale, prospective buyers want to see all its details and features of planning. Therefore, virtually staged offices are the object of attention among those people, who are looking for premises, because they are better remembered.

This service will be useful when you need to sell objects in new buildings, which are usually empty. The tools of the program help to quickly decorate them with virtual furniture and decor for different purposes.

In addition, the use of 3d virtual staging will help realtors:

– to quickly prepare the premises for sale;

– to save money on its arrangement;

– to expand the range of potential buyers;

– to offer different design options.

You can use the virtual design for the proposals of the secondary real estate fund as well. Such premises, as a rule, have already been used for a certain type of business, so it will be useful to show all possible areas of its application. Virtual room staging tools will quickly help turn an office into a small boutique and a bank building into a cosy coffee shop. Along with the premises, you will offer future owners a ready-made option of its design, which will help to sell it faster.

Why will digital staging be useful to your customers?

Looking for premises for their business, future owners pay attention to its functionality. This is what a realtor can take advantage of, offering objects for sale. Stylish digitally staged offices, decorated with the help of modern computer tools, will arouse much more interest from buyers. Three-dimensional pictures will help them better look around the premises, see its features and layout.

By using the service of virtual space design, you will be able to interest a larger range of customers. Your offers will set you apart from the competition, because you offer:

– high-quality 3-D staged photos of premises;

– the opportunity to look around the property in detail;

– different styling options;

– design for any budget;

– quick ways to re-plan and change the purpose of parts of the premises.

By looking at photos stylized with virtual furniture using virtual staging tools, your customers get ready-made design options. This will help them to quickly imagine themselves the owners of this attractive space and make a purchase decision.

Choosing premises in a new building, you can immediately offer styling according to its future purpose. In addition, you can offer several options, depending on the client’s budget and preferences. This will give an opportunity to expand the range of the interested people and speed up sales.

What real estate can be sold with the help of 3d virtual staging?

Using the commercial virtual staging service will be equally useful for both newly built premises and ready-made objects. You can help plan the premises under construction, given its future purpose. Virtual stylization will tell future owners how to use the entire area of the building in a better way and make it as useful as possible.

You can offer different design and furnishing options for ready-made objects in new buildings. This will help attract buyers with different business lines and budgets, who will receive quality option proposals. Such presentations will draw much more attention to your objects and speed up their sale.

For owners of secondary housing, virtual staging solutions for commercial real estate will help to change the purpose of their premises, in accordance with the wishes of future buyers. This will save money on repairs and the purchase of new furniture, as well as reduce time for pre-sale preparation.

You can order the service of a virtual stylist and get acquainted with the ready-made design options on our website https://virstaging.com/. The catalogue contains proposals for premises of different size and purpose. If desired, you can order the development of individual design that takes into account all the features and planning of your object. This will help you sell the premises quickly and profitably.


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