Virtual staging: how to attract the attention of real estate buyers?

How to make the real estate object as attractive as possible for potential buyers? A relatively new service in our country comes to the rescue – virtual staging. The secret of efficiency, which the realtors of  another countries managed to appreciate, lies in the professional approach to the complete transformation of the space of an apartment or a private house. The range of services includes design work along with a change in the layout. Detailed information about the virtual staging service, which makes it popular among experienced realtors, is offered in the text below.

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Digital staging: features and secrets

Considering the possibilities of the Internet, today most of the views of real estate objects for sale are held remotely. This moment allows you to present an apartment or a private house in the most favorable light, which increases the likelihood of a deal being concluded.

How do virtual stagers work? At the first stage, specialists take pictures of the room using modern technology. The second stage is creativity. The introduction of functional computer programs helps to arrange furniture in an interactive space, install decorative solutions, and change the layout. Prime example: virtual renovation of an indoor environment, which contributes to its transformation.

Real fact: the probability of promptly selling a real estate prepared with the help of professional staging is 7 times higher than without it.

Reasons for popularity among realtors

The main reasons why 3d room staging is a popular service of real estate companies are as follows.

  1. The ability to “try on” housing. Customers can realize their wishes in terms of interior design in three-dimensional space. This is a kind of visualization that carries a psychological connotation.
  2. No restrictions. You can bring to life even the most non-standard projects, mix different styles, and install custom-made furniture. You didn’t like it? The virtual space is easily adjusted.
  3. Affordable cost. In contrast to the home, the virtual staging is distinguished by more affordable prices. Plus: the cost of its implementation is fixed.
  4. Operational speed. Working on a computer saves time for professional preparation of the premises.

Realtor appraisal: virtual staging is the ideal solution for preparing vacant real estate objects or premises for sale that are still undergoing renovations. There is no need to buy new furniture or hire a designer for your home staging. Also, you do not need to wait until the renovation is completed in order to put up an apartment or a private house for sale. Digitally house staging is a great marketing ploy that increases the initial value of the real estate.

Points of significance

So that potential buyers do not feel deceived when the real situation is seriously different from the photo on the Internet, realtors recommend you to indicate the introduction of the 3d room staging service in the advertisement. A good solution: place real photos and images of the space, improved with the help of computer programs, side by side. The approach guarantees transparency, which helps to realistically assess the characteristics of the real estate.

In fact, a virtually home staging service is an opportunity to transform living space, taking into account modern trends. The main thing is a professional approach and the use of special computer programs, which help to achieve maximum reality.

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