Advantages of 3d floor plan virtual staging when selling real estate

Modern buyers are more likely to pay attention to real estate offers with ready-made options of home improvement. Beautiful pictures are of interest to customers and are better remembered by them. Especially popular are those ones, made with the help of 3d floor plan virtual staging by virtual stagers. Pictures of beautifully decorated floors look more presentable than individually decorated rooms. So you can get an impression of the overall style of the whole premises.

What is a 3d virtual staging service?

Looking for a house or apartment, future owners already have in mind certain models and options for future design. Or they just know what area of premises they need but have not yet thought about its stylization. Ready-made layouts of the entire floor, made using virtual staging tools will help to quickly assess the benefits of the premises, its space and layout.

Such solutions significantly save realtors’ time, which they usually spend on pre-sale preparation. Computer design of the whole floor takes only 1-2 days, instead of months. In addition, money is significantly saved, which is usually spent on the purchase of furniture and decor. With the help of 3d virtual staging even large objects can be quickly stylized. Future owners can see and appreciate the benefits of the whole premises at once, see the convenience of placement of windows, doors and other features.

At the request of the client there is an opportunity to make fast re-planning of the premises, to change purpose of rooms and arrangement of balconies. In premises with a traditional method of preparation, it is impossible to make such changes quickly, but computer technology helps to make additions to the design in just a few days.

Benefits of 3d staging for real estate sellers

Choosing premises, prospective buyers want to look at it in detail and evaluate the benefits as well. Ordinary two-dimensional photos of individual rooms do not provide such an opportunity. Pictures made with the help of software tools allow to see the object from a 360 degree angle. And using 3d floor plan virtual staging, you can offer your customers to view the entire floor at once. This will be much more pleasing to future owners, because they will look at the convenience of room placement and the layout as well.

Realtors will appreciate the additional benefits of the service:

– reduction of time for preparation;

– saving money on the purchase of furniture and decor;

– possibility of arrangement according to any budget;

– possibility of virtual re-planning;

– accelerating the preparation of secondary housing objects;

– expanding the range of potential customers.

Such offers will be remembered by customers faster and you will definitely stand out from the competition. You can offer several stylization options for any budget, and also change styles of design of the whole floor and separate rooms according to wishes of clients. They will definitely like it and the purchase decision will be made faster.

Computer stylization is perfect when you need to sell empty premises. It will help to quickly arrange the objects of the real estate secondary fund that need repair. The traditional preparation of such premises takes a lot of time and effort. Preparation with the help of virtual staging tools will significantly save money and time.

How will the digital staging service be useful for customers?

Offering customers pictures of the premises, made with the help of virtual stagers, you offer them options for its design at the same time. Potential owners will definitely like it more than the usual two-dimensional photos. Especially attractive for customers will be the opportunity to see the stylization of the entire floor, rather than its individual rooms. So they will be able to see the features of object planning at once.

Customers will appreciate a number of other benefits:

– all rooms of the premises can be seen in one photo;

– it is possible to examine in detail the features of the object;

– ready design options are obtained;

– it is possible to get a solution for any budget;

– stylization can be changed according to preferences.

In addition, with the help of 3d staging you can make virtual items, taking into account the budget of customers for the arrangement. You can change the interior according to the age and preferences of future owners. This gives better opportunities for quick sales and significantly expands the range of interested customers. It is also good when the room is empty and you need to completely come up with options for its design.

For which premises will this service be useful?

3d floor plan virtual staging tools allow to demonstrate the benefits of entire premises in one photo. This is well suited for objects in new buildings, where you can quickly change the layout if necessary. Also, ready-made arrangement options will allow future owners to imagine what their premises may look like in the finished version. This will greatly speed up the purchase decision.

Digital staging will also be a good option for secondary housing. Old objects and those in need of repair can be prepared for sale without spending much time. Professional stylists will furnish them with modern virtual furniture and choose interior options for any wallet.

You can find ready-made solutions for interior design on our website . In the catalogue we offer options for arrangement of premises of different area and planning. You can choose from ready-made offers the one you like, or order individual projects from our virtual stagers. The 3d floor plan virtual staging options developed by us take into account the peculiarities of planning and placement of your objects.

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