Virtual staging tips how to create the best outdoor space design to sell

Virtual staging - patio beforeVirtual staging - patio after

Realtors often single out a living room , a kitchen  and a bedroom  as the three most important areas for virtual home staging. But this is provided that the apartment does not have an outdoor area. And if it’s a house and there is a yard, ignoring this part for staging would be a crime. You need to show how your potential buyers can have fun around the house in the open air. Maybe that’s what they will fall in love with.

A virtually staged patio allows you to visually add a certain number of square meters to the total area of the property you are selling. The patio is a separate seating area; a kind of a living space in the open air. The digital staging of the patio should say to the buyer: “I see myself having fun, playing, drinking coffee, and making a barbecue in this area.”

With the help of virtual furniture staging, your patio can get the most charming look and the buyer will definitely fall in love with it.

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  1. Virtual decluttering. A prerequisite for any staging is cleaning. Just as we do not leave unfurnished bed linen when staging the bedroom, we need to clean the outdoor space well. Agree that it is difficult to imagine yourself relaxing and playing games in a dirty yard. With the help of virtual removal, we will remove excess furniture and wires, “wash” dirty surfaces, clean objects from paint residues and other things that are necessary for a perfectly clean space.
  2. Choice of virtual furniture ( a huge number of furniture you can find at our catalog. Several factors make a difference here.

First of all,

– take into account in which region the house is located, whether it is almost all year round summer or vice versa is mostly cold. If you have coastal thermal zones, it is necessary to choose rather bright upholstered furniture and chaise lounges will also be appropriate. If the winter dominates in the region, wrought iron products will be more appropriate for virtual staging.


– properly assess the area itself. It is desirable to take the client’s plan of the territory to clearly understand the size. If the territory allows, divide the patio into several separate zones and put a seating area, a table, and a barbecue. Show the maximum potential of your yard. But if you have a small outdoor space, do not clutter it with large furniture, it will visually reduce the area. If it is a small balcony, digitally stage a table with 2 small chairs and a blanket.

  1. Use decor for 3d staging .

1) a good option will be to add coloured pillows to the sofa and chairs; they will make your patio brighter.

2) the most important element of the decor is greenery and flowers. Rest assured that there aren’t too many of them. Greenery and flowers can create the atmosphere of an oasis and the client will immediately pay attention to your house.

3) a good element of decor will be an outdoor rug for the living area. Virtually stage  it only where it is appropriate and choose the right colours.

4) small candles on the tables will add the patio a pleasant romantic atmosphere. You can also decorate the table with fruit and flowers.

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