How to stage a kitchen using virtual staging

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One of the most important parts of the house is the kitchen. And for the housewives, who love to cook, it is the most important. The impression of the kitchen for a large number of buyers is crucial in whether to stop at this house or move on.

If your kitchen does not look the best, of course you can make a renovation before selling the house. But will this idea be paid off? The good news is that you can use some virtual home staging techniques and give your kitchen a beautiful look ready for sale. However, you will have to make some efforts here. The kitchen is the heart of the house, so you should include all your creativity and thoroughly approach the issue of digital staging the kitchen.

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What steps do you need to take to make your kitchen look unsurpassed using virtual staging?

  1. If you do virtual home staging, first of all you should take from the realtor the plan of the house in which the sizes of kitchen are accurately written. This will allow you to properly adjust the size of the staging area and you will be better oriented in the furniture/home decor.
  2. The next step before any staging is virtual removing items. Be sure to remove all unnecessary things, prepare the kitchen for 3d staging. Buyers don’t like clutter. The kitchen should look so that you want to start cooking in it, and not as if the food has been just cooked. And if you leave too many things on the countertops such as toasters or blenders, the buyers will have the impression that the cabinets themselves do not have enough space to fit all the necessary kitchen items.
  3. You have removed all unnecessary things, and now it’s time to stage virtually the kitchen decor in place. Each kitchen is individual and you need to understand which decor exactly suits the yours. Good options would be a vase of flowers, fruit, a set of spices, cookbooks, a jar with water and a glass. A separate important element is the greens. It will add life to your kitchen. If there is a window sill, you can put a few small pots on it. Remember that the virtual staging of the kitchen is not about the convenience of items, but about the beautiful look that will interest the buyer.
  4. Arrange colour accents. Often kitchens are of neutral colours and if only such decor place on them, the situation will be dull and boring. If the bedrooms like warm neutral tones (read how to stage digitally bedrooms here ), in the kitchen some colour accents should be made to add brightness. For example, in your house, and in particular in the living room, there is an emphasis on blue tones, so you can make in the kitchen a few items in such colours – a kitchen towel, a vase, etc.
  5. The kitchen, like all other basic spaces in the house should be bright. If there is a window, do not cover it completely with curtains or blinds. Other lights that are artificial should be turned on.
  6. Stage virtually the necessary elements of furniture. If there is enough space in your kitchen for a breakfast/dining table, be sure to put it. Also a good option would be to place barstools if there is room for them.