How to virtually stage a basement to sale

When sellers market a house for sale, they often do not pay proper attention to the basement. Which is an absolute mistake. Basement space is a large additional area that can be used for various purposes. Therefore, when selling a house, it is important to show a potential buyer what exactly are the options for using the basement. As long as it is impossible to guess customer’s exact preferences a good idea is to virtually stage at least 2 options of basement design.

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virtual staging basementdigital staging basement

3d furniture staging basementvirtual home staging basement


  1. Make a complete cleaning of basement. Basement is often the dirtiest part of the house. Owners clutter it with lots of unnecessary things and eventually the basement looks anything but attractive. It looks rather like a place for storing stuff. Therefore, the basement first needs to be prepared for 3d staging. Virtual removing/decluttering will help to get rid of all unnecessary stuff.
  2. Choice of furniture. Here you need to be creative and demonstrate the additional value of basement space to full extent. Part of the space may be turned into movie theatre, hang a huge TV on the wall and make a lounge area in front of it. Another part of the space may be used to make a play area for children. Or you can set up the whole basement as a play area for example put billiard table, table football, ping pong, darts. Since the possibilities of virtual home staging are almost limitless, do not deny yourself the fantasy about furniture options. The important thing to consider is that it is better to avoid placing a lot of furniture. Basement should be spacious.
  3. Since it is an extra space and it is located in the basement avoid choosing white furniture for digital staging. The slightly darker colours will work better here. The sofa may be grey, or you may choose black leather sofa if you put it in movie theatre part. However, all furniture clearly cannot be dark as it will visually reduce the space. You may also use the contrast of furniture to get an interesting effect.
  4. Sometimes basement has small windows and sometimes none. As a result, it is one of the darkest parts of the house. This means that additional light is a must. A good option is to install a lot of light bulbs on the ceiling. You may also virtually stage here and there additional table lamps, floor lamps.
  5. As well as in other parts of the house decorations such as paintings, green plants, and other make space look cosier.

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