How to virtually stage a dining room to sale

virtual home staging dining beforevirtual staging dining room after

Dining room is one of the most important rooms of the house. Thus, when you market your house for sale make sure that dining room actually looks like dining room.

If dining room is cluttered by old furniture, it will scare the buyers off and you will not get any calls. Dining room should look appetizing. People should immediately imagine their family, romantic dinners in this space. So how to stage virtually  your dining room to get plenty of interested customers and sell them a house quickly and above the stated price.

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  1. The first and indispensable step of virtual home staging is cleaning. If there is unnecessary stuff in the room, virtual decluttering will help you to get rid of it. Also, if there is old furniture in the room, take it away, and clean absolutely everything. Prepare a room for digital staging.
  2. Choice of furniture and its arrangement. Use the same home staging style for the whole house. That is if a living room is designed in Art Nouveau style, a dining room should be designed in the same style. Nowadays living room (read also How to virtually stage a living room ) and dining room are often connected by open space. In this case furniture should be in perfect balance. The main part of dining room is table and chairs. Estimate the size of the space. If it is small, a rectangular table for 4 people or a square or round table for 3 or 4 people will work for you. If you have large, separate dining room, you need a large table for 6 or 8 people. If there is a chandelier, place the table in the middle of the room right under it. Do not pull out chairs from the table completely as it will reduce the space. Chairs should be pulled to the table.
  3. Do not virtually stage on a table tableware like plates and forks. It makes the space look untidy. Digitally stage beautiful vase with flowers or decorative plate instead. If the size of the space allows, add a cabinet that will make a perfect match for your table. Above a cabinet you may hang a mirror that will also visually enlarge the space. Or it may be painting or you can make a vignette from several decorative items. Avoid leaving empty walls. Hand there a painting. Green plants are always a good choice for the room as it will add freshness to the space.

If the room is small, it is better to avoid staging the carpet under the table as it will make the space even smaller. If the room is large, a well-chosen rug may look good.

  1. Keep in mind light. If there is no chandelier in the room, virtually stage You may also place another lamp on the cabinet and turn it on. Avoid blocking natural light coming from the windows with drapes. As all other rooms dining room should be full of light.