Home staging Vs Virtual staging

Home staging is a quality tool for preparing real estate for sale. Traditional staging and digital staging have the same purpose. Their goal is to make the house attractive to the buyer. However, these techniques are somewhat different. What is the difference between them and which staging is better to choose?

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What is home staging?

This staging is done by a professional home stagers. Firstly, they come to your house and conduct an initial consultation, which is paid extra. The specialists evaluate the amount of work and analyse the existing decor. You come to a joint decision with him/her regarding the staging of housing. After coordination of design the stage of the arrangement of furniture comes. This is done by workers under the control of a home stager. The real estate is now ready to be sold with the help of an advertisement.

What are virtual staging services?

These services are provided by a team of professionals from virstaging.com. We work in three stages:

  1. Send us a photo

It is important that the photos are of high quality. Ideally hire a real estate photographer.

  1. Choose a design or we will do everything for you!

You can choose the design in our catalogue – there are many current models. Or you can just tell us what style you would like to see. Then, according to your wishes, the virtual home stager will develop a design for your order. Then the 3d visualizers directly conduct a virtual staging.

  1. Get the finished photo

You receive your order in 24 hours. Photos are ready for publication.

Why is 3d room staging better than traditional staging?

  • Wide range of designs

Physical home stagers usually have a small furniture catalogue. Moreover, they rarely update it. Therefore, it is likely that yours and several other homes will be furnished with the same furniture. At virstaging.com the choice is much better. Our company has a wide base of models – one of the largest on the market. We improve it every day and add new positions. You can view our catalogue here.

  • We visualize all your wishes

Our 3d visualizers can fulfil any request. There are cases when the customer asks to add a pool. At virstaging.com this is not difficult. And what about traditional home stagers? Nobody will supply you with a real pool – it is very expensive, long and labour-intensive. And we can add practically anything: billiards, ping-pong table, children’s swings, greenhouse and much more.

  • One room can be interpreted differently

Sometimes it is necessary to show that one room can have several purposes. For example, a room can be both an office and a children’s room. In this case, we develop two different styles. This is very convenient, because you can do digitally staging for several target audiences at once. Accordingly, the realtor covers a wide market sector and has more potential customers. And with the help of physical staging it is impossible to show the apartment in different styles at the same time.

  • No inconvenience

You never know when the property will be bought. The advertisement can be on the marketplace for a month. Therefore, owners or tenants often live in the house until it is sold. In this case, physical staging will be difficult to organize. It is always necessary to coordinate the schedule of staging with the residents so as not to disturb each other. As for 3d staging, the process itself will take place on a computer. Therefore, it does not cause discomfort to either owners or workers.

  • Resource saving

Virtual staging companies store your most valuable resources – time and money. You do not need to go to the object of sale every time to discuss certain issues with the home stager. All this can be done with us online without wasting time on visiting us. In addition, the process of 3d room staging itself takes less time than the traditional one.

virtual home staging outdoor patio

before virtual staging housevirtually staged home

Category Traditional Virtual
Date due 2 weeks 24 hours
Price Starts at $200 Starts at $29

So, virtual house staging is a profitable investment. Its price is only two or three hundred dollars for the whole house. However, as a result you get very realistic photos of the apartment. Advertisements with such images will attract users of the site. In conclusion, you will receive more calls from potential buyers and sell the object faster.


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