360 virtual staging

Virtual staging is the most modern marketing tool for realtors, which helps to sell real estate 80% faster, saves time and money for physical staging.

95% of buyers are looking for real estate online and have only a few seconds to impress the client and encourage them to call a realtor. Modern technologies have allowed photographers to take 360-degree shots; which in turn gave VirStaging company the opportunity to offer realtors a revolutionary type of marketing – Virtually staged 360 photo. This allows the buyers to fully immerse themselves in their future housing. The buyer is in the centre of his/her house, turns around and inspects everything in 3D dimension. 360 Virtual Staging is an extremely good value especially for your luxury clients.
Here’s what a 360 Virtual Staging photo looks like. For easy viewing and for your client to be completely immersed in the atmosphere of the house, use 360 ​​viewer technology.

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