What virtual home staging is?

New technologies are being evolved very fast. What was fantastic yesterday is now a reality. Who would have thought that home staging can now be done with the help of 3D visualization technologies, and it can look absolutely realistic?! Have you ever heard about virtual staging? This is the future in the field of real estate marketing. Virtual home staging is a type of home staging created by designers and 3D visualizers, using 3D programs. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on physical staging. With the help of digital staging you will get your home staged on average 85% cheaper than you would spend on physical home staging.

How does the Virtual Staging process take place?

To use a virtual furniture staging you have to send a virtual staging company some photos of your property. Then the process depends on the company you are contacting. Some companies give you the opportunity to choose only the style, the others – some design options. We provide our clients with several options of cooperation:

1) You can choose a ready-made design option from our catalog. This way you will see in advance what furniture will be in your property. We follow trends and our designers work to keep the catalog up to date and to provide our customers with a wide choice.

2) If you do not want or are not sure that you can choose the right design by yourselves, you can just tell us what kind of style and color you want to see. Our designers will choose the most suitable furniture for your property by themselves.

3) You can send us reference photos, and we will select the furniture the closest to them.

Then designers and 3d stagers swork on creating a beautiful realistic picture, and in 1-2 days you get your happy virtual staged photos.