10 Tips of virtual staging on how to sell your home as quickly as possible and at the highest price

1.  Focus on important things.

In each house there are rooms, which are the heart and the lungs. They are the main ones and you should focus on them and make them as attractive as possible for the buyer. These rooms are the following: a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom. This does not mean that other rooms should be left completely empty. We will talk about this in the next article.

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2. Virtually remove unnecessary items.

Before doing virtual staging, you need to remove all unnecessary things. Get rid of everything that may remind you of the former owner. If you can’t throw away an old sofa, virtual decluttering / virtual replacement will help you.

3. Light the house.

The rooms should be bright and the curtains open. If there is a fireplace, it should be lit as well as all the lights.

4. Do not clutter the room.

When doing home staging or digital staging, make sure there is not too much furniture. The buyer should feel that there is enough space.

5. The beauty is in details.

While maintaining minimalism of 3d staging or virtual home staging, do not forget to pay due attention to the details. The apt decor will provide the home with comfort and warmth. A beautiful vase with flowers on the dining table or a vase with fruit on the counter is just what you need. In the bathroom you can put a beautiful eucalyptus, soap, some towels.

10_Tips of virtual staging_before10_Tips of virtual staging_after

6. The floor.

If the floor of the house is in perfect condition, it should be “opened” to the buyer. If there are places that need sanding, the best option would be to cover that area with a carpet.

7. Colour range.

It would be the best decision to choose a neutral colour scheme. Do not resort to dark colours. Of course, dark colours can dilute light tones so that the room does not look completely pale, but do not emphasize the dark colour. Still, the rooms should be sunny and bright.

An important point in choosing a colour scheme is the colour of the walls and floor. Before choosing furniture, this is the first thing you should pay attention to. Choose furniture so that it fits perfectly into the existing colour scheme of the walls and floor. The furniture should not completely merge with the space. For example, if the walls of the living room have a yellowish tinge and you virtually stage there a yellow sofa and a carpet, it will rather resemble a kids’ room, looking ridiculous and inappropriate.

8. Stage all extra rooms.

Yes, there are rooms in the house that receive the most attention. But! You have to use the full potential of the house. You need to show the buyers how they can use this or that room. With the help of the virtual furniture staging you can show several options for using the same room. For example, one and the same room can be both an office and a guest room or a kids’ room. Give more home design idea to your buyer’s imagination.

9. Virtually stage the house not only inside but also outside.

If there is a large or even a small terrace near the house, it is necessary to show the buyer its potential. Stage digitally a lunch area, a grill area, possibly sunbeds for sunbathing. If this is an apartment and there is only a small balcony, also do not miss it. Even such a small place can be made very cosy. Since the possibilities of virtual home staging are very wide, you can stage fire, candles, etc., which will provide a large terrace or even a small balcony with a romantic fairy-tale atmosphere, which the buyer will definitely like.

10. Old obsolete things.

The house you are selling is furnished, but the furniture is old, which scares away buyers rather than attracts? Adding decor to old furniture, combining the incompatible is a bad taste. There is a way out. With the help of virtual furniture replacement you can completely replace old furniture with some new one. Make a completely new atmosphere in the house, freshen up the room and implement all your staging ideas.

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