Virtual staging looks fake

Do you place vacant homes on the market places that look cold and unattractive? What do you think could be worse? And the answer is the following – a completely unrealistic Virtual Staging. I might say that absolutely disgusting and unrealistic digital home staging could scare away a potential buyer rather than attract attention.

There are already many companies that offer Virtual Furniture Staging, but how many of them can offer a truly professional approach and a completely realistic result?

Several factors are required to create a realistic 3d staging:

– Virtual Home Staging should be created in high quality professional programs.

– Your Digital Staging should only be handled by professionals.

Alternatively, you can create your own Virtual Staging using Virtual Home Staging Apps. But how good are these applications and what is their price? Virtually staged photos made with the help of the App look completely unrealistic, hint at a cheap, unprofessional approach of realtors to their work and rather scare away buyers. The price of them is not less than you would use the company’s services.

To create a high-quality realistic Virtual Furniture Staging 3d stagers should use programs that have a full set of tools. These programs should contain features that allow to work properly with light, shadows, etc. in their work use the program 3dsMax, which is currently the most versatile program on the market, in which it is possible to do anything, and so professionally that it cannot be distinguished from real photography.

The next factor of realistic virtual stagging is the professionals, who perform it. Often 3d stagers are amateurs, who have partially studied one of the 3D programs, usually the simplest one, which is unable to reproduce realistic images. And also they know nothing about the rules of work with light and shadows, which are the basic principles in Digital Home Staging. is a professional company of designers and 3D visualizers.

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