How to stage home office virtually to sell

A year ago, office for most realtors did not seem to be a room of great significance for virtual staging when placing the house on the marketplace. However, due to Covid2019 pandemic situation everything has radically changed. By that time the number of freelancers around the world already was growing rapidly. But over the last year the number of people who have started working from home and are unlikely to return to offices has increased to unprecedented proportions. People began to move from large metropolises to suburban houses.

Thus, houses have become for people not only cosy oases for rest and spending time with their family but also a workplace. Therefore, the availability of sufficient space that can be equipped as a home office became an essential requirement when buying a house. Space that will set up the working mood and where you can spend some time alone, space that will belong solely to you and your working activity.

Previously if the house had a spare room, realtors usually marketed it as a guest bedroom, extra seating area or something. But nowadays they rather would choose a room that can be turned into the home office. Even in small city apartments there is always a vacant space to be arranged as a working place.

home staging office beforehome office design idea
Virtual home staging beforeVirtual staging home office


  1. The first and indispensable step when virtually staging an office as well as any other part of the house is virtual items removing. Get rid of all unnecessary stuff. Especially if you are remodelling, for example, a bedroom or den into the office, there should be no stuff reminiscent of the former purpose of the room. Prepare the room for virtual home staging.
  2. The choice of virtual furniture. It is important not to clutter the home office with a lot of furniture. Make a desk and a chair a central part of the office. If the geometry of the room allows, place a desk such a way that the person sitting at it will face the window. Equip your desk only with the most necessary things such as a laptop, a lamp, and 1-2 elements of the decor. Place a small pot with a plant to refresh the space.
  3. If the room is small, hand a painting on a wall and that will be enough as for decor. If the space allows, you can digitally stage shelves with books and another garniture. You may also place small sofa or 1 or 2 cosy armchairs in the room to be used as conversation area.
  4. Keep in mind that home office as well as other rooms of the house should be full of light. Leave a window uncovered.

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