How to stage bedroom virtually

Virtual staging_bedroom_afterVirtual_staging_bedroom_before

According to the study of the National Association of Realtors (USA), most realtors believe that the appearance of the bedroom when selling a house takes second place after the impression of the living room.

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The bedroom is a special place where people feel completely relaxed. Viewing the bedroom should be accompanied by emotions of warmth, comfort, solitude, and cosiness. At the same time the look of the bedroom should not be boring and the space should not look too small and cramped.

So, how to virtual stage your bedroom to sell it fast and for more money?

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  1. The first step in staging any room is items removing. Get rid of all unnecessary things if there are any. The room should be clean and ready for digital home staging. A virtual decluttering will help you clean the room.
  2. The second step will be the choice of furniture. Evaluate your target audience correctly to choose exactly the style they like. Evaluate the space rationally and what kind of furniture you can put there. If the room is very small, you do not need to clutter it with a lot of furniture. Remember that the rooms should always seem spacious. And if the bedroom is large, for example, a master bedroom, which has a rest/reading area, for instance, under the window, you can divide the room into several zones and place all the necessary furniture.
  3. The bed. The central place in the bedroom is usually a bed. Therefore, you need to be especially careful here. If it is a master bedroom, then of course the size should be king size. If it is a second bedroom and the room is small, so the size of the bed should also be small. The bed should be with neatly made bed linen. Cosiness is created by pillows. Carefully virtually stage a large number of pillows on the bed.
  4. Colours. If the living room is interesting to emphasize bright colours (if it fits the style of the house), for most bedrooms it will be better if you choose neutral tones. Such tones give cosiness and comfort to the bedroom.
  5. Curtains on the windows. The bedroom will be cosier if you stage virtually neutral coloured curtains on the windows. But keep in mind that the room should have plenty of light, so in any case do not cover the window with curtains, put them on the edges of the window.
  6. Side tables and chest of drawers. Make sure that side tables near the bed and chest of drawers are not cluttered with lots of items. Yes, you can put a book, a flowerpot or some other decorative elements there, but there should not be too many of them so that they do not take too much attention.
  7. Carpet and greens. Don’t forget to digital stage a carpet in the room. Also, if there is enough space in the bedroom, you can virtually stage a large flowerpot that will add life to the room. If there is not a lot of space, small pots on the tables will also be appropriate and dilute the neutral tones of the room.

Virtual_staging_bedroom_2_beforeVirtual staging_bedroom_2_after